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Have you heard?

The label "Euregioprofilschule" is awarded to schools in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine that organise their teaching in a Euregional way. Cross-border activities, cultural exchange and the teaching of the neighbouring languages German, French and Dutch play an important role; special attention is paid to culture and encounters with the neighbouring countries.

The Euregio profile schools set their priorities as follows:

  1. Incorporating content about the neighbouring regions into lessons,
  2. Cross-border school exchanges in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine,
  3. Neighbouring language encounters.

Good to know

Euregio profile schools can make use of various funding opportunities. These relate in particular to teaching materials, further training and funding.

EMRLingua collects Euregional teaching materials and makes them available digitally on this website. At the same time, new digital teaching materials are being developed in the form of a Euregional, multilingual and multimedia geography book.

Furthermore, there is the possibility for teachers to receive further training. Thanks to regular specialist conferences that bring together teachers from the Euregio, there is an opportunity for intercollegiate exchange. In addition, a Euregional language festival is organised once a year, bringing together pupils from different Euregio profile schools.

Funding can be obtained easily: Schools in the Aachen city region or the districts of Euskirchen, Düren or Heinsberg can apply for funding from their home district, while Belgian and Dutch schools within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine apply for money from the Euregional Educational Mobility Fund.


EMRLingua is committed to closer cooperation between schools in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and therefore aims to expand the network of Euregio profile schools. The focus is on raising awareness of our unique region among schools and students.


You would like your school to become a Euregiosprofilschule? Or your school is already a Euregioprofessional school and you would like to extend the label? Click here for the applications, requirements & criteria.