District of Euskirchen

The district of Euskirchen is a regional authority in the south-west of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the border with Rhineland-Palatinate and Belgium. As of 31 December 2021, around 194,700 people live in the triangle between Aachen, Cologne and Bonn. In the north of the 1,248.86 km² district area are the agricultural Zülpicher Börde and the foothills of the Ville, while the south of the district is characterised by the Eifel and larger forests. The two main tourist destinations are the Eifel National Park and Vogelsang IP. The district town of Euskirchen, with a population of around 59,000, forms the economic centre of the district, which includes a total of eleven towns and municipalities.

The district of Euskirchen stretches 47 km from north to south and 42 km from east to west

 As an associated partner in the EMRLingua programme, the district of Euskirchen, certified as a Europe-active municipality, works in cooperation with Vogelsang IP as well as the districts of Düren, Heinsberg and the Aachen city region and other partnerships in the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine region to promote multilingualism and intercultural competence among young people. This is done by close participation in terms of content and by through financial support.

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