University Colleges Leuven-Limburg (UCLL)

At its eight sites in Limburg and Flemish Brabant, the UCLL offers 16 diploma courses, 47 postgraduate courses, 18 professional Bachelor’s courses and 8 further Bachelor’s courses. With around 15,500 students and 1750 staff, the UCLL is one of the biggest universities in Flanders. The UCLL is engaged in the areas of teacher training, management, technology, health and welfare and combines its educational mission with practice-led research and services. With the Bachelor-post-Bachelor programme Multilingual Education, the postgraduate programme CLIL and a strong focus on (foreign) language education by the 'Art of Teaching' centre of excellence, the UCLL has a broad network of experts for education and foreign language learning.

Three staff members of UCLL are engaged in the Lingua project. Liesbeth Martens is involved in the meetings for foreign languages and CLIL teachers and in the organisation of the neighbouring languages conferences. And on the basis of their expertise in geography and history and their STE(A)M experience, Arjan van der Star and Martine Wellens are helping with the development of a multimedia textbook for Euroregional geography, the “mBook”.

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